Table of Contents

Introduction: How did this book come about?

Chapter 1. Premonition

Chapter 2. The Arrival of the King: What characterizes the Trump Era

Chapter 3. Time Cycles: The heartbeats of the Universe

Chapter 4. The Polarity Shift: How and what changes are happening

Chapter 5. The Opposite: Learning to deal with the other side of you

Chapter 6. Perception and Reality, Facts and Falseness

Chapter 7. Power Structures: How power is being distributed

Chapter 8. Symptoms of the Shift: Some will be lost and confused

Chapter 9. Your Transformation: Live with Your New SELF

Chapter 10. Collective Transformation: Everyone has their own timing

Chapter 11. Conclusion: Learn to live with Duality

Synopsis: A short version of this book is also available for the impatient and those pressed by time, on the website of

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