How did this site come about? A short introduction of the source of the information and how to use it.

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Before introducing you to the material contained in this site, I thought I would give you some background of how this book came about, and what has prompted me to write it. This may help you reach a better understanding of these materials and how to best use it.

The Trump Era has brought monumental challenges in many areas, one of them is on media and information distortion, as disinformation and misinformation became prevalent in every channel of social media. I would credit those readers who exert extra precaution in whatever content they take in, and do their very best to test the validity and effects of the substances, just as the way we do not take food for granted but to consider its health effects before we eat.

Later on, I will be writing separate topics on perception, discernment, and information filtering. But right now, let me just say that I came from a background in medical research and academic medicine. Since the year 2000, I have been exploring the path of spiritual study, human consciousness, and holistic medicine. Though I had a graduate degree in medical physics and worked as a professional in cancer therapy prior to becoming a practitioner in holistic health, I did not have formal education in social sciences or political sciences.

This may serve to be both good and bad at the same time. It is good that I can bring a fresh pair of eyes looking into these fields, given the way that scientific research and writing share much in common between natural and social sciences, both seeking to be based on facts, neutrality, and objectiveness.

On the other hand, I am fully aware of my limitations and shortcomings as my experiences and education have been in a completely different field. I did not become active in American politics until 2016 when Trump first emerged. Before that, I was merely aware of the news and participating in discussions and activities when necessary.

Nevertheless, along my spiritual journey, I encountered a series of coincidences and events, one of such is described in the next chapter relevant to what I experienced in the Trump Era. Through these events, I have been continuously receiving intuition and messages regarding the Earth Transition and the challenges that humanity is facing and what could come out of them. I put a portion of such materials on my office website as a summary, hoping it would give people a sense of why we are going through such transitions and what we must do to navigate through. I go back to these materials once a while to reflect and to guide my own journey, and have found them to be extremely helpful.

Trained as a scientist, I also do not write things up lightly but consider my experiences and journey as a scientific experiment, especially as a social-psychological experiment. After 4 years of Trump, I was able to observe and verify the messages that I have received earlier on, and make sure they fit into the context of today’s society and are relevant to what people actually need. The materials contained in this site are based on my personal observations and reflection upon the social phenomena that have happened during this particular time of the Trump Era, and lessons we must learn from such experiences and experiments in order to further the growth of our society and on the path of collective evolution.

My personal challenge of writing these materials actually comes from my cultural upbringing and educational background. As an immigrant to this country who did not study English literature in school, I have to continuously overcome a sense of lacking in myself, and the reluctance to put these materials out in the public. The thought of “Who am I to talk about these? Why would anyone bother to listen to me?” floated often in my mind. Plus there are endless books and infinite posts that are flooding the media world, teachers and gurus of all sorts. Everyone is suffering from information overload, rather than lack of materials. “Nobody would ever pay attention to what I say, and it would be simply a waste of effort.” So I thought.

But eventually, I had to overcome these blockages and consider whether these materials will help and benefit others, apart from just for myself. Such an urge has grown even more intense as time moved closer to the 2020 Election. An additional sense of guilt and incompetence has also been bothering me, as too often I was pulled into other more urgent tasks such as COVID relief work and election campaigns, that delayed the writeups of these materials which I sensed became increasingly relevant and important as the country plunged deeper into miseries brought by the Trump Era.

I also want to make a note that my command of the English language may be limited as I am not a native English speaker but only was trained in scientific English writing. Therefore, I tried to keep my writing as plain and simple as possible, with the intention that it is clear and easy to understand for as many people as possible, without the risk of misinterpretation and the need of playing fancy and complicated words.

Again, to reiterate, I want to remind everyone to take a precaution rather than take for granted, whatever materials being taken in and to test the effects yourself. This is one of the most important lessons in the Trump Era: how to fight disinformation and dishonesty that became prevalent everywhere in society and on social media. Your heart knows the truth and is your best guide. Regardless of what other people may feel or say, what your peers and social media channels may try to influence you, it is paramount that you examine the substances yourself, and see how it may affect and impact you. It is paramount that you stay clear on your path, become rooted in your own conscience and follow what it is signaling you. That’s another important lesson I have found to be extremely helpful in the Trump Era.

So here we go, I hope you will enjoy and find the materials to be beneficial. Please feel free to share with others and contact me if you find something that needs to be improved.

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