Hi, welcome to <<Spirituality in the Trump Era>>. My name is Helen Shih, founder and writer of this site.

My intention to set up this site was to help people navigate through the peculiar time of the Trump Era, that is unprecedented in modern day America, and the challenges it has brought. 

This time didn’t come out of a sudden, but as a result of cumulative effect over the last 50 years in American history, and perhaps even long than that, since the founding of the country centuries ago.

What characterize this period of time and these challenges then? I believe it is the chaos and separation, violence and division, destruction and desperation, that have been buried beneath in the collective psych for so long and now they are finding an outlet like an explosion of volcano, all emerging together, being brought in the open, culminating at this time. Therefore, you see them both inside ourselves and outside manifested as a social phenomenon in the Trump Era. 

If you think about it, these are also the opposite of what we truly want in life: order, connection, loving-kindness, security, and peace. No matter which side you are in, pro or against Trump, It is not difficult to see the anger and hatred have emerged and gushed out like hot burning lava that puts many families and the whole society under distress. 

Therefore, how do we deal with this unique set of challenges and grow from these experiences is the central focus of this site. Many of these lessons have to do with “Duality” or “Polarity”, which is one of the most important spiritual topics on the physical plane. What will come out of this period of time will also determine our fate together and where we want to head to in our collective human history.

A few words about myself: I wear many hats as a mother, a scientist, a citizen, a community organizer, a student and a mentor. I worked both in academic medicine and holistic health for my profession, and was involved in the wellness and holistic movement that has revolutionized the way we see health and medicine (Please check my website for more details flow-of-light.com).  My work in health and wellness naturally led me to join the climate and environmental movement, as it is not difficult to see that our personal health and planet health are closely connected as one in the same ecosystem (check out my facebook here).

Further, environmental issues cannot be solved separately without changes in public policy and governance, as our collective choices must reach certain social and global impact to be effective. So helping people and communities become more connected and engaged in the civic process has also become a central part of my advocacy work.

To be politically active in fact is to be spiritually enlightened, as many of us are realizing that humanity is facing a crisis in the way we are living and relating to each other on this planet (see my website of lightwithin.us for more details). In order to live happily within ourselves, to be in harmony with others and most importantly with the Mother Earth, we have to change our old way of thinking and behavior, as our existing social-economic paradigm is destructive not only to ourselves but to the entire ecosystem. That’s part of the reason why we are experiencing so much sickness not only on the physical level, but also on the social-emotional levels. It reflects a systematic disorder that is going on in each of us and in the society, and therefore, will need a systematic correction and treatment. This is in part why we are passing through this Trump Era – a unique phase that is marked not only by polarity shift and chaos, but also an era of trials and tests, crisis and opportunity, for the new order to emerge, for humanity to evolve.

It is for this purpose that many of us come and meet at this time, to help each other, to help the planet, and to move towards a New Humankind. In fact, we are the ones we have been waiting for! I welcome everyone to join this new movement in this greatest social-political and personal experiment that will help propel us move forward together.

I also want to emphasize that I am NOT writing these materials for just people who are into spirituality, religion, or atheism. Neither is this site just for progressives, conservatives, independents, or any particular band of people they want to label themselves. But rather I think it is important to engage all people, regardless of religious and political affiliations, or whatever social group they see fit in.

The truth is, there is something fundamental we all need as humans. These needs will be violated that puts us in peril and suffering if we don’t follow certain Universal Principles. As such, the Trump Era is an era that alarms and urges us to look deep into these fundamentals, re-examine and re-search the Great Order at work, no matter what name we want to call it, either under science or under religion. But perhaps through these causes and consequences, we can find ways to regain the clarity and strength to abide by these orders, and the way that the history has been repeated for thousands of years.

We are in fact living in the repeated history, re-creating the history, and riding the pendulum of time. Aren’t we painting our own history through our thoughts and emotions, choices and actions in this time that is no different than the Hitler’s Time, the Lincoln’s Time, the Washington’s Time, and all the critical time in our past? We are making the  history that our children and children’s children will read in their text books and take as examples in their future.