Hi, welcome to <<Spirituality in the Trump Era>>. My name is Helen Shih, founder and writer of this site, and the book in the same title.

My intention to set up this site and write this book is to help people navigate through the peculiar time of the Trump Era, that is unprecedented in American history, and the unique set of challenges it has brought. 

This time didn’t come out of a sudden, but as a result of cumulative effect over several decades, and perhaps even since the starting point of American history. As a dedicated spiritual seeker and teacher, I am also keenly aware of other Universe forces at work why Trump came at this time, and what could unfold ahead of us. Nothing happens without a reason.

How do we deal with this unique set of challenges in the Trump Era and grow from the collective experiences are the central focus of this site and my book. Many of these lessons have to do with “Duality” or “Polarity”, which is one of the most important and difficult spiritual topics on the physical plane. What will come out of this period of time will also determine our fate together and where we want to move to in our collective human destiny.

A few words about myself. I wear many hats: a mother, a scientist, a citizen, a community organizer and advocate,  a visionary and leader (you can read more about my work on drhelenshih.com). I worked both in academic medicine and holistic health for my profession, and was involved in the holistic revolution and spiritual politics since 2005 (see a short write up of my bio in Light Within). 


The time we are living now is part of the Great Waves of Changes of the Earth Transition. We are in fact at the peak of the movement and Polarity Shift as a result. Therefore, many of us come to this physical life at this time as part of this exciting moment of history, to witness and assist a New Humankind being born on the New Earth

I also want to emphasize that I am NOT writing these materials or guidance for a particular group of people, whether they are into spirituality or otherwise. Neither is this site just for progressives, conservatives, independents, or any particular band of political inclination. But rather this site is to engage all walks of people, regardless of racial, cultural, religious and political background, or whatever social group people see fit in.

I welcome everyone, no matter where you come from, to join this greatest social-political experiment and psychological-spiritual transformation that are happening now and shaping our future. There is a reason why you are here and why we are here. Are you aware that you are part of this history?

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