Published by Helen Shih

I have been having trouble answering these questions for a while, "Who I am and what I do?" Part of the reason is people's role can be so different and dynamic, that it is difficult to capture it by a few words. Any label can be disserving and deceiving. But a few hats I wear are: community organizer, thought leader, scientist, homemaker, teacher, motivator, etc. In the past, I have worked in academic medicine (MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas), scientific research (medical imaging and radiation oncology), holistic health, spiritual healing, and latest, environmental issues, political awakening, and community organizing. I'd like to help people reawakening to their inner essence and to live differently, to be more conscientious, to rebuild a new kind of community - a community that is perhaps deeply connected more on the soul level in our human hearts, more friendly to each other, and more respectful to nature. In other words, the type of human beings whom we truly are and whom we want our children to be. When I was working in radiation physics, we have a scientific term called "free radicals" that is used to refer to a group of ions that are highly dynamic, energetic, and will cause structural changes to others along the path of movement. As a physicist, I am used to see people and society in such a way, that perhaps we are all particles, elements and molecules in the great Universe. So maybe I fit into the group of "free radicals", who are here to deliver energy and cause changes to others, along our path of interaction. It does not mean being socially "radical", quite on the contrary, I am in many ways a social norm rather than an extremist. But what I mean here is energetically, we are highly dynamic and impactful, That's the word I was looking for, "social impact". Our society needs change, and the changes need to come fast, before it is too late, before it destroys all other species on this planet.

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