Chapter 2 – The Arrival of the King of Chaos

What happened next on the Election Night of 2016, and what followed that moment, everyone already knew. I had a burning desire, in fact, that night, to share with the world what I saw in 2011 when the man came to my office, what he has revealed, and what would happen as a result. There was a clear sense of urgency of writing up the material what I was seeing, yet I was unsure how people may perceive and react to it which could come across like a fairy tale.

But in the short period following that the election night of 2016, millions of people were swept and pulled into a dark place that could not even be described with words. It felt like something died inside the hearts of these Americans – the soul of the country just withdrew and withered. They were at a complete loss, with the hope destroyed and shattered. The sense of pain, hopelessness, depression, anger, all came afterwards, like the grief experienced after a loved one suddenly passed away.

Yet at the same time, there were also others who imbued themselves with ecstasy and outpouring of happiness over the arrival of the King. The degree of contrast and disparity, disconnect and animosity between the two sides was so shocking to see and it only grew over time since 2016.

The country was turned upside down, not only in political power houses, but on the streets and in the community. Immediately after the King’s inauguration, millions of women marched on the streets, in the historical moment worldwide, perhaps the largest march after the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. Following that, there have been protests, marches, school shootings, hate crimes, hurricane floods, and forest fires. There were churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues that have been bombed and shot. There were immigrant families which were torn apart. There were trade wars. There were sudden risings and free falling of the stock markets. The list goes on.

Families started to fight inside. Husbands argued with wives. Children stopped talking to parents. Friends were no longer friends. Neighbors and co-workers could no longer sit next to each other. Groups drifted apart and gravitated to opposite sides. On social media, angry foul words were spilled everywhere yet received applauds. People have never been so polarized, so fearful, and so hateful to each other before. Yet all of these social phenomena were put out in the open in the most outlandish way.

The King of Chaos has landed here and proven his ability to separate and divide the people.

I have personally seen how each community has drifted apart and unable to understand and communicate with the other side, but was haunted by hatred and animosity. Alarmingly, this division and conflict happened not only AMONG different social groups, but WITHIN themselves as well. People are being split into right or left, red or blue, pro or against Trump, no matter if they are white, African American, Latino, Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, or Filipino, or no matter which professional field they work. Even the Muslim community which was being put on the travel ban immediately after the 2016 election and has been frequently attacked afterwards, was divided within itself and argued about political views and alignment.

The spiritual community was of no exception to my surprise. I thought initially that people may have more insights into the matter and could unite with each other better. But only the opposite happened. I have several personal friends who have been connected in shared spiritual interest and practices. However, in the process, they chose to receive information from different sources and stay with different groups of people, which I believe was one of the major reasons why they drifted away. Some of them still refused to talk and treated me as their enemy. One of such friends was never active in politics and not even aware of what was going on in the nation before 2018. But somehow he got onto several websites of new age teachings and conspiracy-theory podcasts that have declared the arrival of the savior in this age. Soon afterwards, this friend became a newly convert and started to follow these channels religiously. The rest of the story is self explanatory.

It was not hard to reach the conclusion that no matter what happened in real life, for example, Trump’s repeated insults and inflammable statements, against his own people inside the Republican party, against women, against Latino DACA recipients and central American refugees, in the trade war against China, you will find people who would be loyal to him and blind to his wits and twits. The country was polarized to the degree that half of the people would see him as the savior and the other half see him as the Satan, exactly just like what I saw in 2011. It has become such an egregious social phenomenon that propelled many people to ponder again and again, why and how could this happen?!

At the same time, the King was sitting in the most powerful seat on this planet, grabbing the joystick of power with his fist. Whatever have been built and preserved in the Capitol Hill, in the nation, and in America’s history, became pieces of toys or fragile glassware, that can be thrown into the fire, shattered on the marble floor, to test the reaction and tolerance of the people: how loud can they scream and fight against each other?

Every moral standard and agreed creed that have bonded people together as a society have been thrown out in the open, tested and shatter, to see which side people are willing to stand up for, how much courage they can have to speak up. To avoid the conflict caused by the polarization, there is still a large silent majority, who choose to remain silent and another large group who remained to be unaware of that’s happening, and was occupied with their daily affairs.

Things happened faster than anyone could write or express. The King of Chaos managed to dominate the headline news and occupy the media’s attention span. There was hardly any moment of break in the mainstream media since the 2016 US Election, and it has been brought under frequent attacks as well. On the other hand, alternative news,

Days and months following the King’s arrival, news exploded on a daily basis that made Washington DC looked like a battle ground or a warehouse of ammunition that could catch a fire in any moment. Shock and awe! This was how the Iraq War was started, but now America is bombed with the Trump news and living under the shock and awe.

How would we characterize what the King of Chaos has brought to us? I would summarize in four words: separation, hatred, demonization, and destruction.

Separation of the people happened when every social group, including even a nuclear family is being split in terms of believes, views and choices. Division and hatred happen when each side cannot see the other views, and often see the other side being irrational and ridiculous. When separation and division became so large and irreversible or cannot be reconciled, polarization happens. It then can evolve into an ideological war with possible attacks and demonization of the opponents, which is happening right now in the country. Destruction follows when the two groups of people fight and attempt to destroy each other. In addition, any established rules and moral values are thrown out of the window and completely disregarded or destroyed. In such, these four elements are what have brought humanity into catastrophes in the past, which resulted in great losses of lives, destruction of the society, and deep trauma in our collective psyche.

Are we living in a war, a new kind of civil war, in the Trump Era? And is this war a continuation from the past or the karma we have to bear?

Published by Helen Shih

I have been having trouble answering these questions for a while, "Who I am and what I do?" Part of the reason is people's role can be so different and dynamic, that it is difficult to capture it by a few words. Any label can be disserving and deceiving. But a few hats I wear are: community organizer, thought leader, scientist, homemaker, teacher, motivator, etc. In the past, I have worked in academic medicine (MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas), scientific research (medical imaging and radiation oncology), holistic health, spiritual healing, and latest, environmental issues, political awakening, and community organizing. I'd like to help people reawakening to their inner essence and to live differently, to be more conscientious, to rebuild a new kind of community - a community that is perhaps deeply connected more on the soul level in our human hearts, more friendly to each other, and more respectful to nature. In other words, the type of human beings whom we truly are and whom we want our children to be. When I was working in radiation physics, we have a scientific term called "free radicals" that is used to refer to a group of ions that are highly dynamic, energetic, and will cause structural changes to others along the path of movement. As a physicist, I am used to see people and society in such a way, that perhaps we are all particles, elements and molecules in the great Universe. So maybe I fit into the group of "free radicals", who are here to deliver energy and cause changes to others, along our path of interaction. It does not mean being socially "radical", quite on the contrary, I am in many ways a social norm rather than an extremist. But what I mean here is energetically, we are highly dynamic and impactful, That's the word I was looking for, "social impact". Our society needs change, and the changes need to come fast, before it is too late, before it destroys all other species on this planet.

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