Finding Calmness and Clarity

in the Time of Chaos and Conflicts


Hi, I am Dr. Helen Shih, a teacher, leader, and healer in this time of Earth Transition and humanity transformation. <<Spirituality in the Trump Era>> is a book and blog site to help people understand what these changes and transitions are what and how you can best navigate through the chaos and conflicts.

Since the time before and after the 2016 U.S. election, nobody can deny the dramatic social-political turmoils that have ripped America apart, whether you are pro or against, or don’t even care about the US presidency. These conflicts not only surfaced up in the open, shocking and overwhelming to many people, but also, they reflect the deeper division and broader unresolved problems that have been buried underneath since the American Civil Movement, the World War II, or even the start of this country.

In actuality, America is now going through a new kind of Civil War, the world is now going through a new kind of war. This peculiar time that can be marked as “The Trump Era”, has no parallel in recent human history. Not only the society is going through unprecedented division and polarization, violence and confrontation, but also collapses of moral values, ethic standards, and building blocks of democracy. These not only lead to social-political unrest, but economic and ecological stresses that threaten the entire humanity.

I didn’t plan to or have any idea of writing a book as such. But since 2011, I have been receiving messages of the Great Waves of Changes coming at this time. It became clearer and clearer what the changes are about after Nov 2016 – the US election.  But it has taken me many years of preparation and confirmation, courage and clarity to bring the messages out. I am not a politician, neither an expert in history, sociology, political science, or governmental policy. Plus there are plenty of materials in those fields, many have been published since 2016.

Rather,  my gifts and talents are in spiritual path and elevation.  My greatest strength is the insight and visions I receive, and the ability to connect the physical world to spiritual reality, bringing inspiration and guidance in the time of uncertainties and anxiety.

My purpose here, therefore, is to help you gaining a clear vision of the spiritual background and invisible forces that are driving changes and challenges, so that you can stay awake when riding these waves amid turbulence, make sound decisions with clarity, and become aligned with your authenticity and life missions. There is a reason why Trump came at this time, and may be why you are here, why we are here together.

Crises breed opportunities. What will the Trump Era lead us to? How will we overcome challenges and difficulties? What kind of future do we want to live up to? These are the fundamental questions bequest us to search our souls within, and from which transform can grow and lead us to become a new human species. Thank you for coming at this time, and being part of the changes that you have been hoping for.