Since the time before and after the 2016 U.S. election, nobody can deny the drastic social-political changes that have been reshaping the U.S., and in fact the world. These changes not only surfaced up in the open, shocking and overwhelming for many people, but also, they reflect the deeper division and suppressed conflicts that have been buried underneath over the last few decades since the cold war, or perhaps, since the World War II, the American Civil War, or even the start of this country.

There is something that is called “Causes and Consequences” – the Law of Karma that is at work in the continuum of human history. Any unresolved conflict, unfinished business, unsatisfied ending, will surface up again and again, calling for attention to address these underlying defects and imbalance, and as such, to reach fairness and justice in the end. The arc of the moral universe is long (and can be as long as thousands of years), but it bends toward justice.

Truth to be told, America is now going through a new Civil War! Its society is polarized, its government is broken under a divorce fight. The pain and suffering are not only felt by the people in power, but also by its citizens and families. Frustration and chaos seem to be prevalent, looking like a heavy thick cloud of smoke blanketing and choking the country and the world. Think about a family that is going through a divorce. Not only the husband and wife have to bear the pain and burden, but who suffer most are the children, left powerless and made most vulnerable to the torn relationship and broken promise. In the same way, when the leadership of the country is under a divorce fight, it is the citizens and people who are suffering through the process. 

We are now living in a difficult time that can be marked as “The Trump Era” in our history, and can only be paralleled in the major wars and social upheavals in the past. Not only we are facing collapsing traditional values and unprecedented challenges in morality and ideology, but economic stress and ecological crises are taking tolls upon everyone and every family in the society. Despite the material comfort and technological mastery we have achieved so far, the price we have paid in social-emotional distress and environmental damages are starting to pound us on the daily daily basis. But there are more waves of changes that are coming to the horizon. Many of us are feeling them in our heart, yet with a great sense of anxiety and uncertainty.

As the Chinese phrase says, “Crisis breeds opportunity” 危机! What will the crises of the Trump Era bring to us? How will we overcome these challenges and get out of the mess? What is the future that is lying ahead?

These are the fundamental questions we have to search for the answers deep inside, and the reasons why I have been wanting to write down these notes, with a hope to help more people see and choose better in this time of chaos and separation. 

However, I am not an expert in sociology, political science, or public policy, plus there are plenty of materials written in those fields, what I can offer is purely what I have learned and experienced in my own personal journey and interactions with others. My talents are in the area of connecting the physical world and the spiritual domain, the visible and the unseen, and in managing our personal health and energy. So I hope these writings may offer additional insight into this critical time, transformations individually and collectively we are going through, and practical guidance on how we can survive and thrive in the Trump Era.

Will we be able to learn, grow, and evolve together from these collective experiences in this extraordinary time?

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