Finding Calmness and Clarity

in the Time of Chaos and Conflicts

How to get out of this mess?


Glad you are here! I am a teacher and healer at this time of Earth Transition and societal transformation. This site is the essence of a book that is in the same title as a collection of topics to help you understand what the changes and transition we are going through in the Trump Era, the challenges we must overcome at this particular time, and how you can best navigate through the chaos, conflicts, and changes with calmness, clarity, and confidence. Further, how you and all of us can grow out of these experiences collectively.

I myself have been going through a personal and spiritual transformation as part of the social movement that is happening right now. In a sense, all of us are water droplets of the current of change in a giant ocean of life since the year 2000 and even before that. Change never stops and is part of who we are and how the Universe operates. However, the way we see changes and the way we deal with them, are our individual choices, from which we reap the results of our own actions or inactions, and future generations will live in the subsequent effects we are causing today.

I am updating this article the day at the critical time of the 2020 US Election, when the nation is anxiously waiting for the results of the Nov 3rd night. No matter which side you belong to and how the result turns out to be, nobody can deny the dramatic social-political changes that have shaped America and the world since 2015 ever since Trump appeared on the national stage. These changes he has brought not only surfaced up in the open, shocking and overwhelming to many people, but also, they reflect the deeper division and broader unresolved problems that have been buried underneath since the American Civil Movement, World War II, or even at the start of this country.

In actuality, America is now going through a new kind of Civil War, the world is now going through a new kind of world war. This kind of war has no parallel in recent human history, as most of us would think war is marked by casualties and deaths on the battlefield in actual physical fights, with weapons and armories. But what marked the Trump War is the unprecedented bloodshed in our collective psychic world — the tremendous amount of assaults, injuries, traumas and deaths left in our hearts and souls, in addition to those who were injured and died (in the COVID pandemics, alarmingly). The injuries are particularly felt by those who are at the frontline of this war, what they have experienced and lived through.

To the general public, many also experienced extreme confusion, anxiety, hatred, overwhelmingness, and other intense emotions and psychological stress, especially children and young adults who have never had such experiences before and who have very few adults to look upon as role models to go through this period of time.

How can the nation continue to live through the aftermath of this war, what lessons we must learn and distill, how can we heal as a nation and come out of these traumas and casualties? Where will the society head to in the next phase? These are the questions pounding many minds and worth thinking about.

My intention of setting up this site, therefore, is to be supportive in this healing process, and to share the observations and insights as I went through my own reflections on the deeper causes and invisible forces that are driving the social changes and psychological unrest. There is a reason perhaps why Trump came at this time, and maybe why we have to go through such experiences together. I hope you will find this site to be helpful and serves such a purpose. It is my life mission and passion to help those who are in need at this time of Earth Transition. Additional note on how this site came into existence is left in the next chapter.

Thank you for visiting this site and have a good reading ahead!

Helen Shih DrHelenShih.com